Monday, November 22, 2010

The Immortals Book 5

******SPOILER ALERT*********

Night Star (The Immortals, #5)Night Star by Alyson Noel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Night Star is the second last instalment to Alyson Noel's Immortal series and I must say I enjoyed this book much more than Dark Flame.

We find Ever and Damen in Night Star practising for the inevitable battle with Haven (Ever's ex best friend) who is seeking revenge for Ever's apparant murder of her love, Roman. Throughout the first portion of the book, one waits in anticipation for the battle to take place and the suspense did of course entice me to finish the book in one sitting.

In this instalment Haven turns the normal hierarchy of the school upside down and becomes the coveted queen bee, with Honor as her second. She forms a dangerous and debilitating addiction to Roman's (stronger) elixer which makes her conduct erratic and unpredictable. In the meantime she has once again sown the seed of doubt in Ever's mind regarding her and Damen's past lives, which Ever (predictably) tries to uncover.

She happens to find out about (what she believes) to be the secrets that Damen is hiding from her and this of courses pushes her right back into Jude's waiting arms.

I must say Ever as a character irritates me to no end. She professes this deep and undying love for Damen, yet when the smallest amount of doubt arises, she runs in a different direction. She continuously refers to how strong she is, although she is not very strong at all. At the end of the day, it takes ending up in the Shadowland for her to realise that Damen did not do the horrible things she believed that he did and that she should not have doubted him at all. Suprise surprise. She is a completely thankless girl, whom I don't believe deserves Damen at all. Might be a bit of jealousy speaking however. Hehe!

Well things seem to work out for the best in the end with Haven out of the way and no more rogue immortals causing troubles for the happy couple. THhey have however yet to find the cure for the Roman potion which causes them to be unable to consummate their love and with Haven's destruction of Roman's shirt it does not look as if they will find the cure any time soon. There is also the newest mystery of the unexplained growing dark side within Summerland which seems as if that will be the newest difficulty that the characters will have to contend in the last book of the series.

I for one am looking forward to know how this story ends! A four star thumbs up for me!

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