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Psy Changelings Book 3

Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changeling, #3)Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh

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I was waiting to get to this book as I always found Judd to be an interesting character with all the covert ops and the Arrow history. I enjoyed every second. Brenna was the young wolf woman kidnapped by Enrique (the psycho murderous Cardinal Tk Psy) who tortured and traumatized her for days before she was rescued and Enrique killed by the two allied changeling packs. Brenna, although not entirely sure why, feels drawn to Judd (one of the Lauren brothers who found refuge with SnowDancer after having been sentenced to rehabilitation by the Council). A strange death occurs in the pack and Judd believes Brenna is in danger again, whilst she struggles with the inner demons that still haunt her after the kidnapping. Meanwhile we learn that the Council is planning to implant Psy toddlers to create a true hive mind with the Council at the helm which the Ghost and Judd and some allies are fighting. Dissent is also increasing amongst the Psy and it seems that Silence is failing in a profound way. Amongst all this chaos and madness Brenna still manages to melt Judd's heart and true love strikes at the heart of his new found emotions.

Yet another of the Psy-Changeling books I absolutely loved. Admittedly it does seem to be a bit of a repeat of the two previous Psy-Changeling love stories, I still felt engaged by the characters. Brenna's overwhelming passion, fear and relentless pursuit of Judd and Judd's ever calm front whilst Silence is breaking inside of him. The book also gives us some more clues on the new Councillor who is revealed to have been either the protege of Enrique or even his accomplice and the ever growing tension between the packs and the Council who arrange several attacks on Changeling strongholds. It is also revealed that even within Pack, dangers might be lurking.

I enjoyed the fact that the Psy (unfeeling element of the story) was a man this time and although he portrays coldness to the outside world, it is clear from the start that he feels, not only for Brenna, but for Pack and the Psy race. I love the way these books show that emotion, whether negative of positive should be embraced and cherished as a emotionless life is simply not satisfying or possible for emotional beings.

A definite thumbs up for Judd and Brenna. They make you want to unfreeze every cold man you have come across and see if they as loyal, loving and sensual as Judd. There is just something about rescuing a man that is strangely exciting *wink*.

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