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Bonds of Justice - Psy-Changelings - Book 08

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book right after Blaze of Memory and as always the next book I read in this series just continues the climb to what you know will be an absolute stunning ending!


This instalment of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series involves Max (a human) and Sophia (a J psy). The book starts with Sophia meeting Max when she has to interview and poke around the mind of Bonner, a sociopath who tortured and murdered several woman. As a Justice Psy Sophia is able to pick memories from the minds of people (human, psy or changeling) and what Max wants more than anything is for her to pick from Bonner's mind the location of the graves of the bodies of those he murdered. He is quickly intrigued by Sophia who seems much more fragile on the inside as she is on the outside. Somewhere else in the world Henry and Shoshanna Scott are still set on world domination through creating a hive mind of the Psy (Shoshanna not so much) and are perpetrating many murders to achieve that goal. The dark dead part of the PsyNet is spreading and the Councillor's do not seem to know how to address this problem. When Max and Sophia are asked by Nikita Duncan to investigate a spell of killings which seems linked to her, their worlds become intertwined in a way which keeps on throwing them together. It does not take long for them to fall in love, but there is another stumbling block which they cannot overcome. Sophia's personal shields are failing and if they do the thoughs and feelings of millions will overload her brain and she will die. Apart from that she can never leave the net as she is a minor anchor, which means her mind is merged with the PsyNet in a way that does not allow separation. Eventually when Sophia is captured by Bonner the Netmind and Darkmind help Sophia in recreating her personal shields just as Max saves her from the savagery of Bonner. Although Sophia is now physically safe, she realises that she is now longer just an anchor to the PsyNet, but has become a physical extension of it. At least she and Max can live a happy life together until the future of the PsyNet is decided.


Once again Nalini Singh blends intrigue and suspense in such a compelling way as to create a brilliant read which I could not put down. The book is a problem, just waiting to be solved by the reader. As I love a good murder mystery at times, the fact that there was much for Max and Sophia to figure out added an additional element to this book, which I adored. The love story between Max and Sophia develops quickly but it is always uncertain whether she will survive which brings a bittersweet element to the mix. The backstory of the PsyNet and how the Councillors are dealing with it is stepped up another notch when some of the Councillors pick sides in an inevitable clash. I love that Nalini Singh teases you with bits and pieces of where the story is going without giving enough for you to figure out the ultimate ending. As characters Max and Sophia are an interesting pair, each stubborn and strong in their own unique way. They are enjoyable to read. I also loved learning a bit more about Nikita Duncan and delving a bit deeper into her mind and who she really is behind that steely facade. Nalini Singh certainly finds such good ways to keep a reader interested through every instalment to the series.


Save for my critisims about the lenght of the book, I did not have any dislikes whilst reading this book. I enjoy Nalini Singh's writing so much that I could not pick at it, even if I wanted to, especially not such a short time after finishing a book.


I have a feeling that there is so much more water to flow under the bridge until the PsyNet build up reaches its peak. I, for one, cannot wait to read more. I have a feeling I will be completely bereft when the series ends and I cannot read about the Psy-Changelings. A very definite two thumbs up!


Play of Passion is the next book in the Psy-Changeling series and is about Indigo and Andrew. I love reading about the SnowDancer pack and I will be starting that read very soon!


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