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Beautiful Creatures - Book 3 - Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles, #3)Beautiful Chaos
by Kami Garcia

The Caster Chronicles is one of those series that I did not expect to like. When I read the summary it seemed to be just another magic story which would be predictable. But without any doubt this series is one of my favourite this year! This third installment was bi exception and I enjoyed it tremendously from the first page to the last.


This book follows the seemingly tragic events of Beautiful Darkness. The Caster world is recovering from Lena's claiming during which she essentially became half Dark Caster and half Light. Link is settling in quite nicely with his new nature as a Incubus and Ethan is trying to keep his family and friends together whilst Apocalyptic occurrences in town are ripping them apart. Throughout the book human and Casters alike are searching for a way to restore the order of things and waiting for Abraham and Sarafine to expose their next evil plot to destroy the Casters and possibly humans as well. Ethan is having disturbing dreams which seem to follow the tune of the newest shadowing song that he is now being haunted by. Whilst Macon and Olivia try and search out John Breed and the significance that he may or may not have in restoring the order of things, a new player comes on the scene in the form of Lilith, the Demon Queen and seemingly also the wheel of fate. From what she tells Ethan we learn that a significant sacrifice can restore the order of things, and that sacrifice will have to be made by a specific person. Whilst the crew originally think that that person is John Breed... there are quite a few surprises that await the reader. Ridley surprises everyone with her desperate need to return to a life of magic and she even falls in with some very unexpected people to maintain a measure of power. Ultimately Lena and Ethan have to face a future which may see them apart forever. The Wheel of Fate is crueler than you could ever have thought...


I loved the interesting and unexpected ways in which the writers continue to make the Caster stories so interesting. In this book one at last become more acquainted with Sarafine and the story of how she happened to go dark. Ethan's relationships with other characters but Lena are also expanded on significantly which is an aspect of this book which I particularly liked as so many young adult novels tend to focus only on the love birds! The relationship between Lena and John which I expected to turn into a love triangle confounded me again and I liked the fact that he was kept as a character and good one at that. Only time will tell if he remains that way. Several plot lines are revealed that once again focus on the secondary characters and the possible futures which they may have after finalization of the series.


Ethan's introspection and inner monologues at times became a bit tedious for me. I did not expect to lose Amma as one of my favourite characters so soon and I did not like the fact that there was very little about her in this book, in comparison to the last two. I really hope that she will redeem herself in future books.


I absolutely loved Beautiful Chaos and it will have an honorary place on my re-read shelf once the series has been completed. If you have not started reading this series yet, get up and grab a copy immediately!


The name of the next book in the Beautiful Creatures series has as far as I know not yet been revealed but watch this space for more news on it in the near future. Happy reading everyone!


Shae Carcar said...

I'm still stuck on beautiful creatures! I've been reading this book for 2 weeks now and I'm still not done! I don't understand why so many people love this series because it makes me feel like im missing something

Lu said...

Think I would enjoy this series Sonette?

Sonette said...

Lu, I actually think you will! It is something different than the usual YA stories, but the teen angst and young love is still present! I suggest you give it a try!

Sonette said...

Shae, I mostly struggle with a book until I get into the story so I wouldn't stop just yet! I have rarely found books which I instantly love. Give it another try!

Lu said...

Will do :)

Danmark said...

I read Bloodrose THE DAY it released, the very day, in one sitting. It has taken me the better part of a month to become impartial enough not to just sit down and write a scathing review about how badly I disliked certain things that happened. That wouldn't have been fair, because while there were things about this book that frustrated me, Bloodrose is a very well written book, with plenty of action and romance that kept me reading for eight straight hours, and any book that can do that...well, it deserves better than I would have given it minutes or even days after I finished tearing through it.

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