Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Carving Angels - Diane Stringam Tolley

Carving AngelsCarving Angels
by Diane Stringam Tolley

Carving Angels is definitely not the genre of book that I normally read and considering the target group for which it was written probably also not age appropriate. I had received a copy for review from the author and was a bit hesitant about whether I would like it at all. What I found between the pages of this book however is definitely a story which I adored and which I believe should have an honorary space on any shelf between all the best classical Christmas stories.


This beautiful story follows Papa Adam, a retired elf whom was part of the community of Elves who make toys for children which are distributed by Santa. Papa Adam has gone blind and has lost his will to live and is thoroughly depressed and hopeless. When his five year old granddaughter Amy one day brings him a piece of wood and challenges him to carve with his heart and not with his eyes, he finds new hope and purpose in his life and together Amy and Papa Adam saves, what would surely have been, a disastrous Christmas.


This book has a beautiful ethereal quality to it and contains a few lessons that young and old can benefit from. As a childrens book it reads easily and it has a quality to it which I can only describe as magical. It draws you in, regardless of your age and engages you on a level which we as adults have probably forgotten. The story is whimsical and timeless and has every element which a great Christmas story must have! The relationship and dialogue between Amy and her grandfather is witty and precious. I had felt a deep yearning for my own grandfather and the things that we used to do together after reading the story of Amy and her Papa Adam. It definitely made me greatful for those times and even the nostalgia did not detract from my enjoyment of this book, but only added to it in its own way.

This book is a winning recipe! I can definitely see parents around the world reading Carving Angels to their young ones during the festive season and it becoming a priceless possession of many young dreamers out there. I absolutely loved this story. It is an must have for your collection. I am definitely buying this for my young nieces as gifts for Christmas and will keep one to read to my daughter one day.


I could not think of one thing I didn't like about this book after having finished it and will not dare critisize it anyway. Once again I loved it!


I don't believe I have to say anything more about this book. The content speaks for itself! I loved reading it, regardless of my age and regardless of my normal genre preferences. A beautifully enchanting tale!


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