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Regency Draculia - Book 03 - The Vampire Narcise

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I feel like I should stand up and give this series a standing ovation! Reading the last book in the Regency Draculia leaves me feeling slightly conflicted. On the one hand the book was so good and I thoroughly enjoyed every second, and on the other hand I feel so bereft now that the series is finished.


Another pre-release review so all you are unforuntately getting is the Goodreads summary: Regency England stands defiant against Napoleon. But battles among men mean little to those who live forever – especially when the Dracule are waging their own war. Skilled in the seduction of men, both mortal and immortal, Narcise Moldavi is the greatest weapon in her twisted brother's war among the Dracule. Until she falls for Giordan Cale. Her first searing encounter with Giordan brands them with a passionate love. But Giordan's vow to help Narcise escape her brother's rule is followed by a betrayal more agonizing than sunlight. Wounded but determined, Narcise ensnares vampire hunter Chas Woodmore in her quest for revenge and to reclaim her life. He wants her, worships her, will kill for her. And the Dracule never forget a wrong – nor do they forgive.


I cannot say that there is anything that I did not like about this book, but I will try and regale you with some of my favourite aspects of this book. The story is dark and compelling and some points I could not believe the depth of depravity of the person whom was supposed to love Narcise best, especially when contrasted with the depth of emotion between Chas and his sisters. Narcise, whom was painted in the first two books as hard and cold and not very likeable, soon became one of my favourite characters of all time and her strength and resilience in the face of what was done to her is beyond anything I could imagine a person in her circumstances could possess. The book is once again well written and just descriptive enough to draw the reader in and make you feel the emotion of the characters but not to irritate and seem overworked. I found myself at some stages during the book tearing up and crying and then urging the characters on at other times. In my eyes this series is a great success and certainly will find a honorary spot on my bookshelf!


Despite the story once again overlapping at some points to the extent that you were reading certain parts of the overall story three times, I cannot say that there was anything that I did not like! Oh wait! I don't like the fact that there isn't more!


I suppose I could say again that I LOVED this book, but I am sure that is apparent from my comments above. Go out! Buy it! And read it yourself! And then come and tell me whether you loved it just as much as I did.


As far as I am aware, The Vampire Narcise is the last instalment to the Regency Draculia series, but I will be picking up some more books from Colleen Gleason to keep me happy. Amongst others I have heard very good things about the Gardella Vampire Chronicles series by the same author and I am adding it to my "to read" list as I write this review! So look out for more reviews of Colleen Gleason's work in the near future.

Thank you once again to Harlequin Publishers through Netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to review this book!


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