Monday, June 13, 2011

Defiance - Strange Angels - Book 04

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took some painful endurance to wait so long for this book to be released and I was dying to know what happens next in the series, given the eventful ending of the last book. I was not disappointed and I thoroughly enjoyed being back in Dru’s world.


Graves is gone and Dru is still heart broken and desperate despite continuing with the semblance of the normal life of a svetocha on the verge of blooming. She trains every night with Christophe, who is still familiarly enticing to her, and during the day, runs freely with the wulfen. Defiance finds Dru determined to do anything possible to find Graves who is still in the hands of the evil Sergej and Anna still of somewhere plotting Dru’s demise. Dru is guarded day in and day out to ensure no harm comes from here whilst she gets ready to bloom. This confinement of course does not sit well with Dru who is as stubborn and hot headed as always. When Dru is convinced that Christophe has had Graves harmed and/or kidnapped to get him out of the picture she sets of on her own to save him, and certainly finds more than she bargained for. Dru, who has now bloomed, realises to late that Christophe and his group are not the enemy, before she and Graves go off on their own.


This book starts of fast and continues the past until the very last page when one finally takes a deep breath from a marathon reading match. I loved the fact that I could read through this book in one sitting. It was so action packed that I simply could not bear to put it down. Dru was as entertaining and sarcastic as always and I enjoyed meeting with a new more mature and slightly softer side of her. Ever present Christophe also came out of his shell to show his very real affection for Dru, despite her persistent infatuation with Graves. Being a firm Christophe fan this did not sit well with me, but just added to the emotion filled alure of this book. I thought the book was a triumpth of surprises and enjoyed it tremendously. And the ending, whilst not being a true cliffhanger, certainly makes me pretty anxious for the next instalment.


I am writing this review quite some time after finishing the book and therefore have probably glossed over
some of the negatives I experienced through my reading with days of glowing aftermath that comes from enjoying a good read. What I can recall though is that the writing in some places seemed a bit over descriptive to me which seemed tofill the pages but could be slightly irritating at times. Is it really necessary to talk about for eg “the roiling surfaces of the tubs which moves in shifting veils” when a shorter description could have done?


As with the other books in the series I loved Defiance and I was thoroughly rewarded for the long wait between the books! Two thumbs up with a silly grin to go with it!


I am happy that we will only have to wait until November 2011 for the release of Reckoning, the last book in the Strange Angels Series and I believe the wait will be bittersweet as I will certainly be said to see this series end. I really hope Dru wakes up and chooses Christophe in the end! What can I say I am infinitely more attracted to half-vampires than half-werevolves!

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