Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - 01 November

Wow! The year has absolutely flown. I'm still trying to try and manage my overflowing to read list and I have not even completed all the challenges which I took on at the beginning of the year.  But this week on The Broke and the Bookish they are doing a bit of reminiscing for Top Ten Tuesday.  This week's topic is actually one of my favourite because I believe a really successful book is one that engages the reader emotionally. You may ultimately like it or you may absolutely hate it, but if it engages your emotions, you will never really forget it.  There are not many books that have had this effect on me, but I will try and list those memorable ones that I have been unable to forget:

So here is my Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday this week: My books that I have had strong emotions over (in no particular order):

1.  Twilight series:

Say what you will about these 4 books but I was absolutely engrossed when I read  the story for the first time and even loved it the second time around.  I have heard a lot of criticism on the writing and errors in the plot and so on, but honestly I did not dissect the books in that way when I read it.  I felt every part of the emotion of the characters and I went through a whole range of emotions of my own.  Bella irritated me, my heart bled for Jacob, Bella's dad made me laugh at his dry humour and Edward sometimes made me cry.... Overall very emotional reads, but reads that I unashamedly enjoyed.  One of the wonderful ladies from my bookclub mentioned another aspect of Twilight to me this weekend, which I realized is absolutely true.  The Twilight series revived my passion for reading and got me into reading almost 3 books a week, whereas I had for some time before that only bothered to pick up a mystery or romance novel a month.  Accordingly I will remain a big fan of this series.

5.  The Percy Jackson Series / Kane Chronicles series:

There is something about Rick Riordan's characters which I just love so much, that I simply cannot get enough.  Percy's dry humour is shared by the Kane siblings and there were many an instance whilst reading these series that I found myself laughing out loud.  I just love the interaction between the characters in these books and whilst the majority of these books made me feel lighthearted and full of humour, there were some very sad parts as well through which I shed a tear or two.  But overall books that evoke a lot of positive emotions from me.

7.  Master of the Game - Sidney Sheldon:

I have read this book many many times through my years of reading and every single time feels like the first time.  I experience all over again all the emotions of the first time I read it, which includes the entire spectrum of emotions.  Love, hate, fear, excitement, trepidation... the list goes on.  One thing is certain this book has been absolutely unforgettable, precisely as it evokes such strong emotions from the reader.  It is one of those  epic stories (like Circles in the Forest) which almost feel as if it has changed your outlook on life or your has made a significant difference in your life in general.

8.  Psy-Changeling Series:

There are many many more books that I have been very emotional over, whether it was sadness, irritation, humour or whatever, but this series still sticks out for me.  I am always anxious to continue reading the story, always afraid that my favourite characters will get hurt or not find love, always happy and elated when they do and always excited as the back story unfolds. If that is not an emotional roller-coaster then I do not know what is. Hehe!

Well those are my picks... If I had to list all of them, I would not be able to stop at 50.  Some books just simply touch you in a profound way. I certainly look forward to reading all about your picks! Happy reading everyone! The year is almost almost done!

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