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Beautiful Dead - Book 03 - Summer

Summer (Beautiful Dead, #3)Summer by Eden Maguire

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I was very curious about how Summer died as throughout the series she is portrayed as a very likeable character, who was loved by her fans and her friends. In the end it seems that it was her popularity and beauty that killed her (in a manner of saying).
At the beginning of each of these books Darina is in denial, doubting the existence of the Bautiful Dead and her actions in helping them solve the mysteries of their deaths so that they can move on to the afterlife. I find this aspect truly irritating and strange and surely after two books and interacting with the Beautiful Dead for long periods of time she would have resolved herself to the fact that they do exist. Be that as it may, I still like the story of the Beautiful Dead.

In this book, Summer almost fades away before her mystery is solved due to her inability to accept the hurt that her friends and family is going through. At the end Darina manages to learn the secret of the random shooting that killed Summer, which was not so random at all. Darina's stubbornes initially makes her refuse to listen to any other explanation to Summer's death than that it was a random attack by a crazed mall killer, making her miss certain crucial clues that almost gets her killed.

In the end it is revealed that the killer had been one of Summer's musical technicians who develops unhealty obsessions about girls and eventually killed Summer because he could not have her. Of course it took another trip back in time for Darina to learn this truth.

I had mixed feelings about finishing this book as it meant that the last book, and the story of Phoenix was fast approaching and I was not t all certain how the author would deal with Phoniex's book and manage to keep Darina and Phoenix together.

I give this book three stars. I still feel the writing style and story leans towards younger readers and I would therefore not necessarily recommend this read to older readers (24 and upward).

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