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Night Huntress - Book 6 - One Grave at a Time

One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6)ONE GRAVE AT A TIME

Starting to write this review I am wondering what more can I say about Cat and Bones and the Night Huntress world that I have not already gushed about in any of my previous review of Jeaniene Frosts' simply brilliant Night Huntress series. So reading this review expect some more gushing and take it from me... you can believe each and every word of praise which holds absolutely true.


For once it seems that Cat and Bones can spend some much deserved time alone enjoying a portion of their immortal lives without imminent threats of danger which always seem to surround them. Their lives have regained a measure of normality and they have settled as much as an pair as unique as them can. Of course such peace does not last long in the Night Huntress world and soon the pair are confronted with a very interesting request for assistance from a new ghostly character. Elizabeth has for her entire supernatural life been hunting her murderer, a crazed ghost heretic with some sick and twisted killing habits. Of course Cat's compulsion to save and assist anyone in a vulnerable or weak state makes her take up the seemingly impossible task of seeking out and killing this ghost, before he kills again on Halloween. The question is however, how does one kill a ghost?

At the same time control of Cat's previous team at the government controlled paranormal investigation and control agency has been usurped by a nasty little ass with a hunger for power and a hidden agenda. Cat's ghostly uncle Don is left to discover Jason Madigan's plan whilst the makes Cat and Bones' life very difficult at every turn.

Tracking and killing (or trapping) the murderous ghost proves to more difficult than the pair ever anticipated and there are quite a few moments where their lives hang in the balance. Some of my favourite old characters, Spade, Denise and Ian quickly join the quest to kill Kramer (that's the ghost), which makes for many a laughing and cringing moment. A new friend is introduced in the form of the gay medium Tyler who instantly becomes part of the mishap team of vampires, pets and a demon.

The team ultimately succeed in trapping Kramer but not without some fierce battles, life threatening moments and an almost sexual assualt.


It would probably be easier to list my disliked because I simply adored, as always, every part of Jeaniene Frost's new creation. Cat is as sarcastic and witty as always and Bones is just...sigh... indescribably devine. I loved the fact that throughout the book the comments and characters frequently found me laughing out loud. Whilst Cat and Bones seem slightly more serious to me in this book, I believe this can be contributed to the fact that their foe in this round is not so easy to figure out or overcome, but the dry humour and endless wit is ever-present throughout the story.

I liked the fact that this time around the plot was not focused on Cat and Bones' own enemies, but an enemy which was (initially) a threat to people completely unknown to them. It shows their characters in such a great light that they would offer up their hard-gained peace and freedom to assist Elisabeth in gaining her revenge and saving so many human lives at the same time. Tyler as a new character is brilliant. He is a very believable and realistic character and has the dramatic ways that I can recognise of many of gay friends. The interaction between Cat and Madigan is also very enjoyable and Cat always like to aggravate, irritate and challenge her foes. I can continue gushing for ages but to really appreciate how good this series is, you will simply have to pick up the books and read them yourself.


I honestly can't remember one thing that I did not like about this book, but feel free to let me know if there was anything you did not like. I would love to discuss this book at lenght with any who have read it.


I am giving this book a BLISS rating and I simply would not have given it anything else for any reason. I hope Jeaniene Frost will keep on thinking up more adventures for Cat and Bones as I for one will certainly keep on reading as long as she keeps on writing.


For the moment I am unaware of any details surrounding the next book in the series, but watch this space for more details soon. I will be counting the days until I can dive back into the Night Huntress World.


"Why last night, I took some curtain scraps and a few slivers of board pieces and made a little Kramer doll. Then I ripped its arms and legs off beore driving a nail up its ass."

"Madigan's thoughts erupted into a slew of curses before he regained control and barricaded them behind the car insurance jingle that had to be what hell played for elevator music."



Claudia said...

Love the new layout! I stopped reading Cat and Bones. Somehow I just grew out of it. Perhaps I'll pick it up again some day.

Sverige said...

jeaniene frost is my favorite author...i have read all the previous in the series and connected series...this would be the least favorite of them was lacking the normal excitement and passion of previous books...

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Love the new layout! I stopped reading Cat and Bones. Somehow I just grew out of it. Perhaps I'll pick it up again some day.

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