Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 2 - All round Rome!

So we made it safely through the first day to have a very long and very fun second day around Rome. We walked to every historical site, from the Basilica to the Pantheon and I could not believe the size of the places which were built so many many years ago. It is almost impossible to comprehend how these structures were created with only the most basic technology and science available to the Roman Empire. It is to say the least... breath-taking! Here are some of the pictures:

The Colosseum
There are many arches around the city
that you can view and all are beautiful.
The Basilica is such an awesome sight to
behold.  Makes you remember how small
we are in the bigger scheme of things.
Trevi fountain.

The size is unbelievable!

Tomorrow we are headed to the Vatican first thing in the morning! Do check in tomorrow to see what we saw during our visit.  Chat soon and hope you are all doing the reading for me these next two weeks!  It is so great to be living some of the things we often only read about.  The world is an awesome place! Happy reading everyone!


Lu said...

So glad you are safe and having fun!
Also green with jealousy :)

Those pictures are amazing!!
Have tons of more fun and stay safe!

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