Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're on the way - 24 September 2011

So it was time at last to depart for our long awaited (and long planned) trip! Over the next couple of days I will unfortunately not be blogging about books, but I will be sharing my experiences from our trip through Italy! I must say the driving on the opposite side of the road thing scares me half to pieces, but we'll know on Wednesday how that turns out. Here are a couple of photos from our time travelling:

Mommy and Me! On the way!
More Dubai!

7 and a half hours from Johannesburg to Dubai and another 5 and a bit hours to Rome! It was one hell of day!

And.... more waiting!
I'm good at pretending to read when
I'm actually sleeping!

Getting ready for the next leg of the
trip! 5 more hours!

Waiting forever (2 hours) to board!

Over the next couple of days whilst we are travelling through Italy, I shall be posting some more photos and would love for you guys to share your travelling stories (good and bad) with me and the other followers to my blog! Have a great week guys and gals!


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